Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Adoption Storybook Testimonial

"When searching for a book that would help my wife and me explain the story of our three-year old daughter's birth and adoption, we were underwhelmed with the available options to create a customized story that was unique to her and with images she recognized as people and places she knows. We felt it was important to include her and other family member's likenesses, so she would know it was her story and not just another book with her name on it with a fictional storyline. Stacey blew us away by creating a book that not only did these things (it was comical to see what we look like as illustrations), but became an important tool to communicate with our daughter about her story at such an early age. We were very pleased that she immediately understood the book was about her life and took such great interest in hearing her story. Our daughter loves the book and asks for it virtually every night before going to bed."
Heath F.
Chicago, IL


  1. That is such a cool idea, a great way to explain something difficult to understand to your daughter.

  2. Thanks Belle! I am actually working on a second adoption storybook right now. =)


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