Friday, May 3, 2013

This Week {In Review}

I hope everyone has had a fantastic week! I have been busy playing house, missing the hubs, and goofing off after the kids are in bed.  Here is a recap in case you have missed any of this week's self-promoting Facebook posts or Twitter tweets.  (Hey, someone's got to do it!)

1.  Happily Me >>> An original short story

"There once was a tree who was sad as could be because he didn't fit in with the others."

This little children's eBook teaches the very important lesson of being content with how God has made us as the little tree realizes he is different for a reason.  I think this is a good reminder for us adults too!  

Crystal's reveiw on Amazon says, "This is a very cute short book to share with little ones and even a good reminder to adults that we are all made special and different. We all have a purpose on this temporary world."

Happily Me is now available on Amazon for $0.99!  Download one now, and pass it around... 99 copies of Happily Me in your homes.....

2.  Color Me Calendar >>> May is here!

Enjoy this free printable calendar with something to color for every day of the month. 

Here are 3 good totes (I'm cool) ridiculously awesome reasons why your kids should have it-

> It will help them LEARN how many days there are in each month.
> They will PRACTICE and improve their counting skillzzz.
> Who doesn't like to COLOR?!  (You don't? Who cares.)  Aaaand you have yet another work of art created by their precious litte hands!!! (What!) 

Download, Print, and be happy HERE

4. New to the Website >>> Illustrators and codes

Make that "thuper thecret" codes for you...

Everyone is talking about it, how do you not know already?!  Happily Ever After Me now has FOUR illustrators!  And even more importantly, you get to choose who you would like to illustrate your custom product.  Now you can tell us which illustrator and style you would like by using a simple code.  Neato, huh?  I'm excited and extremely thankful for these gals and their talents!

See the full page on our website here.

4. Something Learned >>> No more hungrys!

Did you know when your tummy is full it means you have no more hungrys in there?  Out of all of my 31 years of existence, it has never dawned on me that they were actually creatures living in my tummy.... until now thanks to my 2 year old. 

This is what they look like.  You're welcome.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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