Saturday, October 4, 2014

Storytelling: Kids + Clothing

Good clothes are like good books.

They are durable, useful, classic, and worn... but valued.  
They are passed down to siblings, shared with friends, family, and others in need, and they patiently wait for future genterations whether they are in a closet, on a shelf, or in a bin.

But, most of all they are loved. 

We cherish the stories behind them and the memories they hold. 
Recently, I was able to share some of these memories with my 4 year old daughter as my mom had saved some of our clothes. I thought it would be special to dress her up in them, but also add some of her clothing and accesories for a fun, fresh look.

Much time and love were put into these photos. I hope you enjoy them. <3
(Click on the pictures to enlarge if you'd like.)

1. My K5 graduation dress + Ry's tutu, tiger, and headband


2.  My skirt + Ry's top, boots, and headband


3. My dress + Ry's leggings and bow


4.  My school picture day dress + Ry's socks and bow
(Custom board book courtesy of Happily Ever After Me, LLC)


5. My sister's overalls and bandana + Ry's shirt and boots


6. Another one of my school picture day dresses + Ry's butterfly wings


7. My skirt and jewelry + Ry's top, headband, socks, and shoes.  
(Accessories courtesy of Old Money and Once Again Sam.)


As horrifying as this next part is, I thought it would be fun to add pics of me wearing the original clothing.  I couldn't find pictures of everything, but here are the few that I did find (including one of my sister in the overalls, and yes that is me to her right... ha). 

You're welcome. 

Whatever. I couldn't keep the boys away.

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