Friday, June 29, 2012

Words vs. Illustrations | Battling Mind Over Imagination

"...When all of the sudden they heard what seemed 
    To be whispering leaves with a secret to keep..."

1) The words grab your attention as each line pulls your eyes down to the next. Like a strand of Christmas tree lights, each one connects to the other slowly leading you to the end.  The lights turn on and reveal something beautiful.  You are left with images dancing in your head and your own inspiring interpretation.  

What would poems be if they had illustrations?  Would we feel less passionate? Would our visions be restricted about the words we had just read?

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2) An image steals your glance.  You can't put the book down. Your eyes dance around as you flip through the pages full of color and emotion. You feel as if you have already read the book without even seeing the first word.  As you begin reading, you find yourself looking to the illustrations - confirming what the story says as if you didn't trust the words themselves.

What would stories be without illustrations?  Would we still understand them without feeling the need for visual support?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this!

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