Thursday, July 5, 2012

Free Back Rub + Play for Kids = SCORE!

Last night my 2 year old was driving cars on my back as I was lying on the floor.  It felt sooo good and [naturally] I thought, "Hmmmm, how can I make this last longer?"  And then it came to me.  

It's a win/win.  

I promise.

See below.

Not book related, but something I did with my kids last night and wanted to share. It really did feel good! 

A back massage has never been this easy!! 

1. Draw a road map on the back of an old tshirt with a #Sharpie marker. (Or go buy a new one, this is totally worth it, I promise.) 

2. Grab a handful of #HotWheel cars. Grab your kids too. (Yes, you need them for this! :) 

3. Lay down and let your kids drive their cars all over your back. (They will think you are crazy at first, but the joy of being able to do something to mom will overpower the "she's crazy" look.) 

Relax. Enjoy. Repeat.

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