Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I Made A Video! (As told by my 3 year old and Toca Hair Salon)

So, I created a video a few days ago on Windows Live Movie Maker.  It was actually my first movie ever to create. W()()T! Needless to say I was very proud of it. 

I'm feeling pretty great right about now.

I even had a few people preview it which is a pretty big deal since I typically jump the gun on things like this from excitement and then it ends up being a completely different post 52 edits later.

It's all wrong.
(This is pretty much what my blog posts and Facebook posts would look like if they were a face...)

And then like 2 people actually read it out of the 500 million people in the whole WORLD and I start to think maybe my post wasn't so great in the first place.  And I get embarrassed and hide.
So embarrassing....  Ooo this salon shampoo smells good... Don't look at me.

I start to doubt myself.

eeek I'm doubting and unsure and possibly hungry

And then I remember how awesome my customers are-
They share their moments... memories... their LIVES(!) with me!  I feel special.
They share their stories with me!

And I feel like spray painting my hair because I am colorful and happy!

And I decide to go ahead and post the video as my normal self...sort of.

You can watch the video 




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