Friday, April 18, 2014

DIY Easter Egg Kabob Arrangements {Adult + Kids}

     A few days ago I put together a post of cute little Easter trees that I had found on the internet. I thought it would be fun to share them along with the reasons I liked each one.  But, I felt inspired to create one of my own instead and decided to post that. I actually ended up doing one for the kids too.  I guess this is somewhat of a tutorial only because I documented (fancy) some things with photos. Ha! 

     I started out with a vase and some dead stems from a flower thing out back. (LOL. Hey, they were pretty and curly dead sticks/stems.) Then I took to the bushes in front of my house and cut some pieces of that.  I thought the two looked really pretty together. 

Branches: We've been brought back to life!

     I knew I wanted to add Easter eggs to the branches, but I wasn't quite sold on hanging them from a string like I had seen before. (I guess you could use Christmas ornament hooks? Just thought of that.) 

     The more I thought about it, the more I didn't want to hang them and I wanted to try something different. Then I remembered we had some Kabob sticks in the cabinet. (See beautiful Kabob stick picture below..)

Beautiful Kabob sticks.

     The eggs already had little holes in them as you can see in the picture above, so I decided to poke the Kabob sticks into them and then place them in the vase.  I didn't want everything to be the same height so I cut some Kabob sticks to make them shorter, and I extended others by taping two sticks together. Now, brace yourselves... this next picture is genius...

Tape + 2 sticks = 1 really long egg Kabob

And here is the finished product.  

     I am using it as the centerpiece for our Easter lunch with my family tomorrow.  I think it would be really pretty as decoration on a mantle, kitchen counter, shelf, etc. 

     Now, as I was making the one above, I got an idea to do one for the kids.  I had another extra white vase so I made some more Easter egg Kabobs (again, various heights) and started arranging them in the vase.  I was having a hard time keeping these in place, so I took a few minutes to think of what I had that might be similar to the foam that florists use.  I thought of aluminum foil. Bingo!

     I also grabbed a pink bunny egg that I snatched up the other day at Dollar Tree.  I had to tape that one to a Kabob stick so I filled the clear pink bunny egg with cotton balls to hide the tape and stick in the back. It did the trick. :)  After everything was in place, I added some blue paper (krinkled) grass. I thought it was a fun alternative to the green.

     Here is the Kabob arrangement for the kiddos.  Since they won't have their own separate table, I think I will put this on the center island in the kitchen near the cake and other food for added Easter fun. 

     I really love doing this decorating "stuff" and enjoyed making these today.  I'd love to know if any of you guys did something similar or have more tips for me. Thanks for reading!


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