Wednesday, May 7, 2014

DIY Kitchen Shelves >>> Shelvetry

I'm not a morning person.  I don't go by a schedule.  I am definitely not a planner.  I try sometimes, I really do. But, it just isn't the way I am made.  

I am impulsive and emotional.  I like new ideas. I like to be different.  I like to have fun in my own home. And, I know one thing  for sure - sleep is a magical thing.

There is just something that happens to me some days after I sleep.  I have been known to wake up and completely change my hair (cut + color), start a new project upstairs, or as I've done more recently, paint the walls on my bathroom (post coming soon) with no plans of ever doing such a thing the night before. These events occur at random so I am never able to predict what will happen and when. (Doesn't that sound fun?)

So, all of that to say, last night I went to sleep and I had the magical kind, because this is what happened when I woke up...

I'm not quite awake yet, so this part probably sounded creepy..."Good morning kitchen cabinet door.  Prepare to die. I'm taking 2 of your friends down too. I shall replace you with beauty and warmth... or something like that." 

It's not that I thought they were ugly, it's just that all of them looked the same and I needed some variety in the kitchen.  I've always thought the cabinet doors with glass were gorgeous (especially when they are lit at night), so taking the doors off is the closest I am getting to that for now. But, honestly I really don't feel like showcasing all of our dishes that don't match.  I went another route instead. SHELVETRY! My new favorite word.  It is quite fun to say. 

Here are the sad little doors that I managed to unhinge before my husband walked in. (Haha)  I don't feel too terribly bad for them.  I'm sure they don't miss getting slammed fifty thousand times every hour.

Then I thought it would probably be a good idea to clean out the shelves and do some organizing before I started arranging them again. So, whatever.. here that is.  It's all a bunch of crap anyways.  Well actually, I probably shouldn't say that, but it felt like it at the time. (Sorry for the weirdly angled and crooked pictures.)

So basically that took like all day to go through that stuff and I took breaks to help my kids with little unimportant things like eating and school.  Half of that time (probably only 2 minutes) was wasted trying to explain to my husband that it was okay and everything is under control - the house is not coming apart.  And then I said those precious and rare words that are just about as magical (and rare) as sleep... 



And then the magic kicked in again... and these happened.

The cabinet by the window/sink (previously the medicine cabinet)

The cabinet in the left corner (previously the random things cabinet)

The cabinet in the right corner (previously the kid's cabinet)

And a step back to see the whole picture (then dinner happened and this clean kitchen is no more)

And now I will close this post with some Easy Makes Me Happy inspiration....



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