Monday, June 16, 2014

DIY Baskets made from Old Hanging Planters

All you need...
is a towel, an old hanging planter, and some spray paint to get this party started. But, before it gets out of control, here's a little introduction to set the scene... 

When we moved into our home in late 2012, the previous homeowner was kind enough to leave some things behind. Two of those things were hanging planters.  I actually think only one of them still had the chain, so we decided to buy a set of 3 new ones for our back patio because obviously the plants need to match each other in order to survive you know...     Anyways, I couldn't get rid of them. I thought about putting them out with the trash several times, but nope, I didn't, and they have just been sitting here this whole time.  Wait, not literally here in front of the pillar as shown in the pic. That would be weird. I meant "here" at the house. 

Fast forward to today and prepare to be amazed - I cleaned the back patio. Picture this - a preschool kitchen and all of the plastic "fixins", bikes, balls, croquet, dirt, bugs, dead plants, and other outside toys taking up our outdoor living space.  Oh, and while I was cleaning these things up, she decided to make food from the soil and dump it into her brother's jeep from the other planters we have back there. Cleaning is fun.

I came across those sneaky little hanging planters once again. Only this time the rusty things spoke to me with visions of white and black spray paint and fruit. 

"That's it!  I will turn these guys into baskets!!"  
Then we had a picnic.

I went to town with the spray paint.  I love spray painting.

"Oh? Well that's kind of pretty. Let me take a pic. It's sort of like tie dye in reverse." 

After what seemed like forever (such an impatient spray painter), they dried and I could actually move them for more pics...

And I grabbed the fruit drawer from my fridge (My 4 year old now thinks we can take whole drawers of food out haha) and took it outside so I could see how well they worked as fruit baskets.

Here is the larger one painted black.

Who doesn't want a telephone pole coming out of their pineapple?!

This is the smaller one painted white.

I also tried the white one as a magazine basket.

I filled the black one with bathroom necessities.

Thoughts on which one you like the best? I'm honestly not sure now. :)

So what have we learned from this DIY? Just clean for once! And by the end of the day you will have something completely new to use for your house. *ding*



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