Wednesday, June 4, 2014

True Love: Brianna & Adam

"They LOVED it...

 I gave it to them the night before the wedding after their rehearsal dinner and I was so happy that they liked it as much as they did. My sister was in tears (the good kind :) ), and Adam (who I didn't expect to be quite as excited about it as Bri was) said it was the coolest present he's ever gotten, gave me a huge hug and said he was so happy to have me as a sister--total bonding moment :) haha but they wouldn't stop showing it to anyone and everyone. People thought it was the coolest thing, nobody had ever seen anything like it and I of course told them all how great you were to work with :) I can't thank you enough, the book was so perfect and a really special keepsake for Bri and Adam. Thank you/your staff so much for such an amazing finished project, I really enjoyed the process!"
-Kali (Brianna's sister)

A personalized story book
gifted to Brianna and Adam the night before their wedding.
A story of true love.

A small glimpse into their happy fairy tale lives- 

Each page leaving the footprints of another wonderful story.

 I am amazed at how uniquely special each of your stories are... 

from the very beginning

to the breathtakingly beautiful end.

And the story of Brianna and Adam is no exception. 

>>> This makes my heart happy.<<<

(Brianna and Adam reading their book for the first time!)

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